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Australian 4x4 Travel Eco & Environmental Policy

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Australian 4x4 Driver Training & Australian 4x4 Travel Environmental Policy
The John Cantrell training and tourism businesses are concerned about the natural environment and the impact that tourism has on the environment.

The tours and other activities run by John Cantrell businesses generally have less participant vehicles than many of its competitors and other groups in an effort to minimise our own impact on the environment and that we will stay on recognised tracks and, or, routes throughout the trip, where areas are visited that are culturally sensitive we will look but not touch, flora and fauna is for photographs and not for removal.

John Cantrell businesses recognise that environmental damage and climate change have the potential of creating a heavy impact on the environment and, therefore, tourism as a whole.

John Cantrell businesses recognise that without due care the tourism industry can create considerable environmental damage to the destinations we are priveledged to visit and particularly the remote routes often taken by Australian 4x4 Travel tours.

John Cantrell recognises that the adverse actions by many members of the public today and in disregard to the natural environment are not sustainable, either for the now or for the future.

On tours run by John Cantrell four main issues are addressed -

1 - Reducing carbon emissions

By traveling to and from our start and end destinations by road rather than by air we are already significantly reducing personal carbon emissions, this is further enhanced by spending holidays on road in Australia rather than overseas destinations.

By not running our vehicles when not necessary, it really is unacceptable to start vehicles some time before scheduled departure times, vehicles should be turned off when not in use during comfort and other breaks as well as during photo shoots.

Tyres should be inflated to pressures that will lessen the potential of tyre damage, damaged tyres should be disposed of for recycling rather than as landfill.

2 - Conserving biodiversity

For much of out travel on our trups we will be visiting, or traveling through, areas of natural beauty and sensitive eco systems. We need to conserve this natural beauty and these sensitive eco systems for the benefit of everyone and for the benefit of future generations.

Large tracts of the Australian Outback have been closed off to tourism and the public through the inappropriate use and actions of some.

Some of these restricted areas that we are priveldged to travel through is only made possible through the generosity and special permission of their owners and, or, land managers, we need to reciprocate by leaving their lands in as good or better condition that we found them.

3 - Waste management

Rubbish and human body waste are the biggest forms of pollutants in many of the areas we visit. We must take out our waste and bury deep what we can't take out.

Waste taken out should be sorted into re-usable, recyclable and landfill waste and disposed of accordingly in recognised disposal areas.

4 - Water supply protection

Many of the areas we travel through are some of the driest in Australia and their water resources need to be conserved for their very survival.

Think twice as to how much of their water you need to take away with you in your bulk containers for showering, washing and other general use. Try, where possible, to have seperate containers for potable and non-potable water.

Your water consumption for hygiene and general washing up purposes should be measured and controlled and decisions made as to whether its use is really necessary.

In summary we all have a key part to play in the furthering of our destinations sustainability. Lets always consider the long term gain, not the short term pleasure.    

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