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Australian 4x4 Driver Training Privacy Policy

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Australian 4x4 Driver Training & Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Australian 4x4 Driver Training adheres to the Privacy Act and National Privacy Principles (2001), the Australian PrivacyPrinciples (2014) and  any State or Federal Laws or policies that may affect how we treat your information and privacy.

Australian 4x4 Driver Training has an open and transparent approach to the management of client personal information. Australian 4x4 Driver Training may have digital images if trainees and/or their passengers which may be used for promotional and/or advertising purposes if the person/s concerned has given Australian 4x4 Driver Training express permission to do so.

Australian 4x4 Driver Training will never use or share personally identifiable information provided to us with any other person, organisation, entity and/or third party except  if we are directed to do so by law where we may be required to provide data for the completion of training statistics by government agencies or to comply with other legislation.

The personal information that may be held may include information disclosed by trainees during the booking process, assessment documents, Quality Indicator questionnaires and feeb-back forms. This information is collected to satisfy the statutory reporting that Australian 4x4 Driver Training is required to submit to the relevant authorities, the provisions required for a Registered Training Organisation to reproduce certificates of attainment for up to 30 years for which a fee of $66.00
is charged, including GST, and for advertising and marketing purposes where the supplier of the information has given Australian 4x4 Driver Training express permission to do so.

If a person gives Australian 4x4 Driver Training permission to include their details on an email direct marketing list then the email address, first and last names only will be stored in an email marketing system.

The person can request at any time to have their details removed from the list. Australian 4x4 Driver Training will respond within a reasonable period of time and remove the details from the list.

Australian 4x4 Driver Training will not lend, sell or otherwise dispose of the list to any other individual or organisation.

Trainees may request a copy of the personally identifiable information that we have on them which they can also request in writing to have modified and/or deleted except for that which Australian 4x4 Driver Training is required by law to hold for up to the required period of time.

An applicant for duplicate certificates of attainment will be required to supply sufficient identification in order for a certicate to be re-issued.

Australian 4x4 Driver Training will retain all completed assessments for a minimum period of six months from date of assessment or course completion.

Any other printed, hard copy, information is kept for a period of six months and thereafter all data storage is held electronically and digitally. Electronic and digital media is backed up onto portable storage media and/or onto cloud storage. As of August 2013 copies of certificates of attainment are also stored on cloud in Adobe PDF format.

To further protect trainees privacy and security, Australian 4x4 Driver Training will take reasonable steps to verify the trainees identity before granting access to and/or making corrections to any of the trainees personal information. In the event that Australian 4x4 Driver Training grants a request to supply personally identifiable information and to subsequently modify its records regarding that information no charge will be made.

In the event that a person requests that personally identifiable information be supplied in a particular format then Australian 4x4 Driver Training will take reasonable steps to comply with the request.
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