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Call John or Amanda today on (02) 4739 8034 or mobile 0408 245892 forall enquiries and bookings.

Australian 4x4 Driver Training Course Dates and Costs
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At Australian 4x4 Driver Training we believe in delivering what you have paid for - affordable and quality 4wd driver training - real training on real bush tracks - don't settle for less

1 driver 1 day course     we no longer offer 1 day, it simply isn't long enough

1 driver 2 day course     $475.00

2 drivers 2 day course    $575.00

Most courses have a maximum of 6 vehicles and No extra charge for 1 non participating passenger and children. 

Australian 4x4 Driver Training is widely recognised as delivering 4wd training to exceptionally high standards and, whilst the units of training that we offer are no longer nationally accredited, they are the best available for recreational 4wd drivers.                                                     

Why choose Australian 4x4 Driver Training 

If you are serious about learning how to drive your 4wd then this is the course to be on and Lithgow is the best place to do it at because it has some of the best terrain to learn on. Lots of local accommodation available from camping beside the picturesque Lake Lyell to 5 star motels.

We use real, and sometimes rough, bush tracks, the sort you will almost certainly come across when you go out there on your own or with family and friends, you need to know how, and how to do it safely and with confidence. You will learn little if you go on a course where the training is conducted on graded bush tracks.

creek crossing during Australian 4x4 Driver Training 4wd training course

Your trainer, also owner of the business, John Cantrell, is one of the leading 4wd trainers in New South Wales and has decades of 4wd and training experience both in Australia and overseas, some very rough, some very remote. He has taken groups on 4wd tag along tours and groups of vehicles into some of the remotest desert country that Australia has to offer, and for extended distances.

There are many reasons why people finish our courses with a smile from ear to ear but the main one is that by the end of the course you will be handling the types of obstacles that you would never have previously attempted, or even thought possible, and doing them with ease and confidence.

Our 4wd training courses cater for every level of experience, or inexperience, from absolute novices to those with a lot of experience and seeking advanced training.

However at Australian 4x4 Driver Training we understand that you may not have done this sort of thing before and that you are understandably nervous about what you are letting yourself in for.

Many of those that have attended our 4wd training courses  in the past started off with absolutely no 4wd knowledge or experience, were probably a little unsure and probably a bit nervous.

Our training methods will have you smiling and realising that you can do it very early on in the 4wd driving course.

Even those that have done 4wd driving before and simply want a refresher course normally learn heaps on our training days.

Everyone has fun regardless of what experience you start the course off with.

Australian 4x4 Driver Training courses are activity based rather than classroom centred, we don't sit around inm a classroom, or next to a man made obstacle, for hours just talking about it, we spend time in the bush actually doing the real thing.

Your 4wd training course will teach you how to drive the various terrain types on your own and how to make your own good decisions.

Yes we will probably take you out of your comfort zone from time to time but we wouldn't be doing our job properly if we didn't.

Australian 4x4 Driver Training does not use man made training centres because, quite simply, those facilities can never train you adequately for driving in the real bush compared to the way we do it.

Man made training centre tracks don't look the same as real bush tracks because they are not the same and can never be and they can never give you the same learning experience as real bush tracks can, and never will.

On your 4wd driver training course you don't just follow our vehicle around all day, instead you will be putting into practice what you have learned as you continue to better your skills throughout the 4wd driver training course.

Australian 4x4 Driver Training Jeep negotiating a steep climb

Rest assured that your health and safety, and the safety of your vehicle, are our number one priority at all times and the tracks that we use on the day/s of your 4wd driver training course will be determined by the weather and other conditions.

During your 4wd driver training course you will learn the correct and safe procedures to follow when you inevitably get your vehicle stuck and need to recover it including the safe use of snatch straps.

Australian 4x4 Driver Training sets itself high standards for professionalism and 4wd driver training course delivery and even though our client list includes The Australian Defence Force, The Australian Federal Police, various other Federal, State and Local Government Departments, electricity, remote communication, infrastructure, construction and maintenance, mining, geological, ecological, exploration, structural and civil engineering, transport, motor industry, film production and many others.

But every single person enrolled in our 4wd driver training courses is important to us, including you.

Don't settle for second best, you owe it to yourself.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for any further information or advice that you may need and we look forward to meeting you soon on one of our 4wd driver training courses.

Land Cruiser ute in the river on a 4wd training course       Land Rover negotiating a rut on a 4wd drive course

image of John Cantrell

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